Disable flow production tracking

I enabled flow production tracking in flame 2025.
I don’t need it, I was just tooling around.
Now everytime I launch flame 2025, it asks me to log in to flow production tracking. I just cancel it.

Is there a to disable flow production tracking to the state it was before I enabled it? So that it does not ask me to log in everytime?

Thanks in advance
Happy Sunday everyone


The simplest way used to be to disable shotgun/shotgrid/flow in the Setup application:


Thanks @philm

It worked

You can also search for this file:


Historically, at the end of the file was the option to set the value of the plugin to Enabled/Disabled:

# ------------------------
# Controls whether the Shotgun integration should be enabled.
# If enabled, a dialog box will appear for all new projects, prompting the
# the user if they want to connect it with a Shotgun project.
# Syntax: ShotgunPlugin <Enabled|Disabled>

ShotgunPlugin Disabled