Flame adds AI-enabled camera tracking, remote work solutions, and more!

Hey Logik gang!

Flame introduced its latest updates today, which include:

  • A Next-Gen Camera Tracker
  • Tangent Colourist Control Panel Support
  • Colour Management LUT Loader Matchbox
  • Blackmagic RAW Support
  • NDI Software Video Preview
  • More Community-Requested Updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Learn more about the latest updates: What's New in Flame? | Autodesk
Find the Flame 2022 release notes here: Help


Good but do some sexy promo work and really show off Flame in “action.” You really have to learn from Blackmagic in terms of glamming up and adding some “framing” to your products instead of a few 5 minute to produce stills circa 1827. Get behind Flame a little more and add some “fireworks.” Flame is the name, but pyrotechnics should be your promo game. Show off…You have to speculate to accumulate.


already used the camera tracker on a actual job! Worked great, didnt get a useable solve after 30min in 3de for a skyreplacement but this did the trick! :slight_smile:

Also grant kay time! (seen in image)


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I feel like the term AI gets over used in todays society and I don’t think it applies to the camera tracker but it is pretty great. Things that I apply the AI terminology to would be anything that is learning with artificial intelligence and getting better through that learning which doesn’t really apply here, but I am getting in semantics here.

Yeah, AI and machine learning are two different things from my understanding. I’m not really sure we even have AI yet, but machine learning can looking like a convincing enough version of it. It’s a cool tech though, and the new camera solver with geo creation is a great new feature.

Quick question @robert.doche. Based on the support images it looks like when you enable NDI it takes over the video out so it’s either NDI or SDI, not both. Meaning one can’t be looking at their broadcast monitor whilst streaming at the same time, correct?

Hi Kyle,

Currently you choose to use either the NDI output or your video hardware (BMD or AJA). You cannot use both at the same time.

However, the NDI signal pushes through your network as a signal.

So to get a broadcast output, you could use a NDI to SDI decoder to feed your broadcast monitor. At the same time, the NDI stream could also be accessed by a client via the network.

I don’t have the opportunity to try this but that is the theory.


Hey Grant, what’s the reason it’s either SDI or NDI and not both at the same time?
If I need to buy extra hardware to convert NDI → SDI I don’t see any advantage. Until now I would output SDI and buy some hardware to convert SDI to NDI - now it’s just the other way around, but it doesn’t save me any money. Am I missing something?
I think especially in the current situation it would be an awesome feature if it would just run as an extra output. :slight_smile:

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Hi claussteinmassl,

NDI is treated the same as a video device like AJA or BMD. It’s currently one video “device” at a time.

Please place a request on Autodesk Flame Feedback and we’ll take a look.


Simultaneous output would give the product greater functionality than its competitors.


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I suspect the main initial use case for NDI support was for cloud based deployments where adding a hardware card is not an option. For on prem workflows it would be interesting to see support for the Kona card with SMPTE 2110 output for uncompressed IP based workflows.

But I agree that simultaneous AJA/BMD and NDI output would be quite useful. Now if only typical home ISPs offered better upload bandwidth…

Exactly JF.

How are you BTW its been many a year… :slight_smile: