Do you trust you livelihood to raid 5?

I was told by a very wise person early in my career that if your data is not in two places, you probably don’t have it. Is that true if it’s on a raid5 volume? Do you need two?

RAID 5 is not a backup. It’s insurance. You need 3 copies of your data…

I have a Pegasus RAID5 32TB which is my ‘server,’ all incoming/outgoing material goes there, a RAID0 NVME 8TB for caching, then clone the Pegasus to a Thunderbay 6 48TB, which is also RAID5, and then clone THAT to another Thunderbay 6 48TB, and then drip feed that to cloud storage.

3 copies of your data, on 2 different types of media, 1 offsite.

I need like 4, because I’m still learning and I’m bound to feck something up real good so whilst my deal is pricey, I sleep well. I mean, I can freak out about other stuff.

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short answer yes, as long as you have two of them the master and a backup

RAID 10 might assuage your anxiety about RAID 5. RAID 10 is quicker to recover from a failure since each disk is mirrored. 10 is supposed to have better performance than 5, too. The drawback is you only get half the storage capacity so it’s more expensive.

I wouldn’t say I trust ANYTHING specifically (not raid levels, not my computer, not my time estimation skills), but raid 5 is what I use, and strikes a nice balance.

I’ve got two, one a “server” and one a “stone”, both Raid 5. I back up the stone to the server every night, so should anything disastrous happen I’m reasonably covered.


I’ve been thinking lately that I should do a “fire drill” to test by backup system.

I’m comfortable with swapping to another one of 3 backup drives for my input media but not sure how to swap my ADSK framestore to another backup.

What’s the process to change the config to one of the other copies of the framestore. I’ve always been told you need an ADSK specialist to do this because its not as simple as pointing to another drive.

I just went through this on Monday. Luckily it was after a job was over but ADSK had to teamview in and do some terminal things to negate the dead framestore and swap over to the new one which killed all the linking. I was told unlinking and reconforming was the only option. I was also told if I had a clone of the framestore on another drive with the same name it would be a much easier process with potentially no relinking just swapping over to the cloned drive still done through the terminal in the same way. Working on building that setup with an external raid in case of a meltdown again. It would be cool if they could build framestore swapping into the flame service monitor.

Just add a framestore in Flame Setup and use path translation.

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