Raid & Flame Stone

Good day friends,

Can I have two flame stones in the same raid?

FYI I`m purchasing OWC Thunderbay Flex 8 and I have two computers at home.


I don’t know anything about that specific project, but my guess is you won’t be able to mount the volume on two machines at the same time. If you had a RAID that had some kind of controller/brains/software as a part of it then you would be able to connect to it over Ethernet/Wi-Fi/whatever. I would think this OWC product would only be able to be mounted to one system at a time.

There would be a way to mount it to one machine and ‘share’ the volume to allow access to other machines on your network, but I’d expect speed and performance to take a pretty sharp downturn with an approach like that.

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Whats a stone? Wasnt this some old SAN type thing that multiple flames could connect to?

But yea what was said before, this is just a DAS(direct attached storage).

the general way nowadays is to use a NAS(or SAN) for mass storage and then a fast framestore, usually like 8TB or something NVMe raid 0s.

At least thats what ive seen the most in newer flame builds in smaller deployments.