Dreamtextures/ Diffusion models in Flame?

As this is all python… would it be far fetched to imagine something like this in Flame?

Foundry is avoiding any native implementation of Stable Diffusion because it’s a legal minefield. i imagine ADSK is following the same route. Seems completely possible as a user generated option…


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Hey Timm! Hey Tom!

Yes is totally possible have nodes in Flame generating AI images. Either you have trained or pre-trained. I have been using for almost a year now on my workflow.
I will try to do a post showing that, as a exemple so everyone can see, i think is really powerful workflow.

Down side is that is usually a super heavy node to have activate on Batch (so, does need some renders) and very custom, so hard to implement has a team workflow. Where multiples artists can use same batch.


Hey Thiago. I’m sure a lot of people would be very interested in seeing this. Maybe do a segment on Logik Live?
@andymilkis @randy


gpm i will try to do a post here first. im not very good on the show lol

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