Flame + AI Generative on Batch | My workflow

Hello everyone!
Recorded this video to try to share a bit of using Generative AI in batch, generating/rendering on the fly. Not here doing a demo for a tool or anything, just sharing my workflow to show how nice it is (and helpful) have a model reader /loader on batch.
Something i hope to see in the future implemented native on our Flame.

Part 01: Model generator
This video i showed a bit how models and checkpoint works.
And using the trained model in batch

Part 02: Model for technical stuff, such tracking or obj reconignize (like a face)

Try to record this week.

Thanks guys,
Happy holidays!


Thanks very much for this, Thiago. Look forward to watching and playing with it.


Very nice, Thiago! Thanks for sharing!
Happy holidays!


Amazing. Awesome work!

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Hey Everyone!
Added Part 02, showing under the hood with Flame + AI and models for technical stuff such as Tracking and negate.

Happy new year Flamers!


Very cool! any chance you’d be willing to share your PyBox? or any more information on how you trained the model?

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Hey Elad. Not planning to share. I Dont think is something perfect implemented…This was more to show ideas of how Flame + AI/ML can might walk together for future, officially implemented, specially in allow artist’s own trained models.

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I get it but that’s a shame. It doesn’t really need to be perfect to be useful as a base to the other Flame artists and to potentially be a starting point for someone else to build tools that would be useful to all of us.


Hi Thiago, which version of flame does this run on?

Amazing we need more AI tool in Flame