Evolution of AI Video Editing: Implications for Flame Artists

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I came across a fascinating video

Premiere Pro’s new capabilities, like video cleanup and generative tools. These advancements make me wonder about the future role of Flame artists. What are your thoughts on this?

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Love Andy’s response to this over in another thread.


I think it’s easy to freak out, but these tools wouldn’t cut the mustard for any of my clients.

First, they don’t look good.

Second, sure, these particular instances may work, but when they don’t, who they gonna call?

Third, I work in commercials, almost exclusively, and advertising agencies are signing contracts with their brand clients that expressly forbid the use of AI in any of their work. When I work on a commercial, it’s not my name and/or copyright on the slate. It’s my advertising agency and my client’s copyright. It’s their intellectual property. So if I use AI in an ad, and either a/the artist whose work was illegally used as a data source, or I mess with a SAG actor in a particular way, that legal risk extends all the way to my client and my client’s client. I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing specific terms and conditions from the Business Affairs teams at agencies to include these specific limitations in their terms and conditions. Likely it’s already a thing at major studios. If not, it will be in the next few months. All it takes is one person saying one thing and that’s a studio killing event right there.

Additionally, rumor has it that major streaming studios either already are or shall be auditing their post production vendors for such AI usage. And will refuse to accept any work with any AI tools in the pipeline, and even remove them from vendor lists.

I reckon that before the end of the year we’d likely hear of a major court case, potentially even class action, that’ll expose these problems and course correct in a quick way.


I can say for my broadcast network clients (Disney/ABC, NBC Universal), there is a blanket prohibition on using any sort of AI tool in any way, and they seem to be towing the line.

They’ve yet to approach us and have us sign anything of the same, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that coming.

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Even non-generative stuff? Do you think you’re in the clear using the MLFaceExtraction and sky keying stuff from a few years ago?

E: as I understand it from Will Harris, they trained those in-house on 3ds max-rendered and matte-tagged human models.

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Oh that, I’m not sure of.

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I am not a lawyer. No idea. My intuition says that if Autodesk released it, they’ve thought long and hard about it and its probably good.

This is not an official statement about anything, and I don’t work for Autodesk, but $5 says the reason TimewarpML or anything similar has not been adopted or released by Autodesk is that the footage used to train these models has not or can not be officially vetted by Autodesk to be free and clear of legal fuckery.


Yeah I think we established in another thread here that TimewarpML training set was ripped from Vimeo, almost certainly without permission.