Expressions question

Hi everyone,

I have a question…
I have an animated Camera that I need to “repo” and “reorient”
I can do this by parenting an Axis on top; no problem there.
Now, is there a way to “bake” into the camera (position & rotation) the transformations from the parent axis… so I could delete it ??

I think there should be a way in which I could “apply” the transformations of a parent axis into an object

Any hints… welcomed!


You would need to create second camera and write expressions that combine the original csmera data and the axis (no simple feat), bake that into the new camera and delete the original and its modifying axis. I say that’s no simple feat because axis and camera data are not neccessarily “compatible” depending on if your camera was created in target mode or the other one. Not in front of the box now, so I don’t remember the exact wording. Another compliction may be that if you used scale in the axis, there is no way to really convert that to camera data.

Another potential issue (I think based on vague memories of having done something similar 20 years ago) is that the order of rotation, by default, is different in a camera than in an axis.

There are several features in the latest release that might make this simpler, but I am not deeply familiar with them yet.

Hey @inti.martinez,

Unfortunately, there is no bake-in capability for an axis hierarchy. This has been a request way back in the depths of time, but I don’t think we have a way to do that.

Not really an expression solution, but… the parent axis that you are using is really just translating the camera to a new position and/or rotation. If for example the goal of the parent axis was to reposition the camera to 0,0,0 then the simplest way of ‘fixing it’ without using an axis would be to edit the animation channel and repo the data using ‘translate y’. You can do this gesturally or numerically.

So if on frame1 your camera were at 1483.4 in Z position and you wanted it to be at 0, you could simply select ‘translate y’ in the keyframe editor and then type in -1483.4. That keyframe will now sit at 0 and all other keyframes in that channel have been translated to respect the original animation but using 0 as its point of deviation instead of the original value.

Hey Naveen,
I had the same thought… but it does not work.
The problem is the rotation of the axis is affecting the camera path as a whole.
So, if the camera is traveling in Z space, but the axis rotates 90 degrees in Y, the camera will now be traveling in X space.
If no re-orientation were needed (or scale), this would work!


Do we have a feature request for this…?
I think this could be an incredible improvement.

To be able to “world bake” an axis (or camera) based on the parent’s influence.
Would also be fantastic if we could “world bake” the vertices on an extended bicubic that is driven by an axis (tracked).

I can not say how many times I’ve needed this.

That should be quite easy to program, I will jot it down and investigate.

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