Importing a .fbx camera track into action

Looking for tips for importing an fbx camera track.
Use import.
Hunt for the right axis to parent.
Then scale and muscle the elements into the scene with fudging scale and axis.
Anybody have a real procedural way to import.
Find the right axis.
With less fudge factor.
Thanks in advance.

The only things I can think of where you wouldn’t need to mess with a surface’s rotation would be A) camera is oriented perfectly and the surface you’re projecting on is perfectly facing the camera B) get some geometry with the matchmove, project on that and done. I love getting good geometry for projections, extremely satisfying.

I realize now you might be talking about CG graphic elements and stuff like that, not just projection, in that case, I don’t know any tricks beyond just using you’re various orthographic views and locators to sit it in where you want it if you need the 3d perspective changes, lighting, etc and you’re rendering it out. But I’d be curious if anyone has any hacks as well! If it’s just 2.5d that you need though, precomping for position in an action upstream and then projection are what I go with.