EXR compression

Can someone confirm that ZIP1 is the same compression as scanline ?
In the media panel you can select zip scanline, however, when exporting from Batch, there is only scanline.
I’m assuming they are one and the same.

I can’t conform that ZIP1 is scanline

But if you are asking if ZIP scanline and scanline are the same I would say yes.

I only say this because I have been stuck on Flame 2020 for a while now and for me to make the compress button in batch give me what I want. I need to manually code it into the start Application.

What I found was this:

OpenEXR compressions available in. flame are:

  • none
  • RLE
  • ZIP-multiscanline
  • ZIP-scanline
  • PIZ
  • PXR24
  • B44
  • B44A
  • DWAA
  • DWAB

So it seems you can’t have a scanline that isn’t a ZIP also.

Not conclusive proof but after seeing your message sit there for 3days I thought you might appreciate some input :+1:

Yes, much appreciated :smiley:

Hey Paul,

I just delivered a job that spec’d Zip1 and scanline passed QC.


Good to know, thanks Andy.

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