Favorite way to remove DUST from something SHINY...GO!

Besides using denoise/median filter, or painting a still and tracking it, what else is there you like to use? Blurring doesn’t work if it needs to stay SHARP.


Couldn’t resist!

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Neat video, doll face matchbox or a2 beauty matchbox are my go to’s.

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Teeny, tiny mattes piped into the ol’ negative Pixel Spread?


You could also try Boris pixel fixer. I used it recently to remove small specks off a backlit fish tank.


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Planar/perspective track to stabilize, and the drag brush set to “sequence” is my go-to.


Dare I say How to use Highpass

I like to separate the high frequency noise so that I can copy brush it out without messing up any of the subtle gradient colours or shades.

It has its limits if there is a lot of sharp, high contrast edges but I always give it a go since it is so fast.

Getting a stabilise like @andy_dill says, is helpful when going for paint of any kind.


Making bump maps.

Blur enough to remove it.

Difference this and the original.

Boom. Now you have a map of bumps.

Use that matte and fill it with pixel spread or median blur or dir blur or heavy denoise or A2Beauty or Crok Beauty.


On the subject of highpass, LS_Lumps is a good one to throw into the mix as well. Separates everything out for you, and allows you to recombine all the passes that you mess with. +1 on Neat’s cleanup options as well.