Soft, or out of focus (correction) techniques

I am facing a challenge in a coming job on a documentary film, a part from erasing people and corrections, I am asked to (make that person) sharper in shots, where the out of focus went off the subject. I am aware if I have some sharp frames, I can use some MV (mapping) using the details as a first-aid patch to cover, but I am not sure how this will look in the final result.
Is there any other techniques that could be used? AI maybe?

Yikes! How out of focus are they?

I don’t envy you. I can only think of sharpening tools you can try. You should take a look at crok_equalizer
Selectively sharpen different thresholds.


Thanks man, I didn’t know about the equaliser tool, I will give it a try

Do you have access to Nuke 13? You can train a copycat ML tool to do some refocusing.

Hi Andy, I am aware of the copycat capacities, I will see if the production budget will permit me to go to Nuke as a license, since I am already subscribed with Flame. Was hoping though if someone already trained some nodes to be used inside Flame :slight_smile:

I’d luck with TopazAI Sharpen.
It’s originally for stills, but you can feed a tiff sequence and apply the same settings.
Just have an eye on flickering.
They have a 30-day trial i think.

A few weeks ago there was a thread about making a high pass filter. It can also be used a sharpener, although there is no magic that will make an out of focus shot all well again. In any event, if you put a colour correct node between the high pass filter and the linear light comp node, you can adjust the contrast of the high pass filter and it makes a nice sharpener.

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Just keep repeating this mantra to your client:

“I’m a magician, not a wizard.”

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Lol, I will surely use this quote a lot