Flame 2025?

Hi all!

Perhaps it’s a little early, or perhaps I missed a few things. But is it just me or hasn’t there been much teasers/updates about next version Flame (2025?) - last new features explained in the Youtube Flame Learning channel was 6 months ago; I have a feeling that this used to be a little more frequent…but again, that could be just me and just a feeling.

Mind you, it’s absolutely not meant as a complaint about things taking too long or whatever at all, it’s just that I am very curious what the next steps will be and I can imagine I’m not the only one :slight_smile: .

So where’s the Flame 2025 buzz?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello Robert!

We never publicly discuss the content of major releases or updates before they have been release. So, I guess you will need to wit a bit before knowing more about what is coming to a Flame near you!

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Hi Stephane! Thanks for your reply!

Well then I will wait in full excitement haha :slight_smile:



Typically, new versions are announced around NAB and IBC, in mid-April and mid-September, respectively. I am not an employee of Autodesk and I am speaking from past experience only.

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True. Sometimes, if you attend local Flame User Groups, you might not only meet great minds, have a drink and enjoy finger food but also could have the chance to see some upcoming features! Fred and I have done that in the past so watch for your next local FUG!


@Slabrie Any possible hints to which Linux distro’s/releases will be supported?


Hello Graeme!

Which version of Rocky Linux do you run?

Rocky 8.5, but 9 is needed for certain other applications we run. I’m hoping we can avoid running multiple releases. Thanks Stephane

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Hello Graeme!
Thanks for the info.

When we introduce new Linux OS, we try to sync with a major release of Flame Family products while keeping support for legacy OS. When we introduced Rocky Linux 8.7 in 2024 release, RL 8.5 was also supported with this release but we did not qualify 2023.x. A similar scenario might happen for other releases in the future.

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Stephane, can you install 2022 on Rocky?
Before a certain person asks why are we still using an old version, simple answer is that we still use keylight for any green / bluescreens, as it’s still far superior to anything else available in Flame.




As Randy pointed out, the minimal version of Flame on Rocky Linux is 2023. But Sparks have been deprecated in 2024 release so you should be able to use Keylight in Flame 2023.3.x What prevents you to jump to 2023 release?

I 'm looking forward to rocky linux 9 support too. There are many aspects that are better supported in rocky 9.

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I’m currently using 2023, but cannot get keylight to work in it, hence the 2022 comment.

What is the issue with the Sparks?

Flame just crashes with sigsegv.
I have the foundry environment variables in .cshrc, however they don’t appear to work on 2023.3.2.

Is there a support ticket logged about this issue?