Flame 2024 is here! ❤️

Hi Logik,

Flame 2024 has arrived!

The latest updates to Flame further solidify its role as a centralized hub for conform, timeline, VFX, publishing, color, and delivery. View shot metadata in context with a new metadata overlay, achieve new levels of performance with native Apple silicon support, and enjoy more improvements requested by you.

Some things to check out:

:clapper: YouTube video with Flame Product Owners, Stephane Labrie & Frederic Warren: Centralize Your Finishing & VFX Workflows with New Capabilities in Autodesk Flame - YouTube

:memo: Flame 2024 Blog Post: New Flame Capabilities Help Centralize Cloud-Enabled Finishing and VFX Workflows - Media and Entertainment

:point_right: Flame 2024 Release Notes: Help

:movie_camera: Flame Learning Channel videos from the wonderful @Jeff (with more to come): The Flame Learning Channel - YouTube



Awesome stuff!


I got two improvement suggestions incorporated. One of them is the ability to select multiple keystrokes in the paint editor. No more changing from cur frame to sequence one stroke at a time. Thanks Fred.


These are very nice iterative fixes. Where are the “new features?” That we pay $600 USD a month for.

Back in the day, a new release would have a video with Philippe showcasing some pretty mind-blowing new concepts. It seems that now we get a press release detailing patches and user requests to fix things. Am I wrong?


Punch Tim Apple in the junk for me, would ya?


I think we have stated this quite a few times already but a big part of the team is busy with architectural projects such as Native Apple silicon (that we just released) and the OpenGL deprecation. This is why you are not seeing as much new features and why we are working on improving areas that a lot of you are using and that have multiple improvements requests on them over at flamefeedback.autodesk.com (like Batch Paint).

Let me add that a lot of people are saying that we should focus only on stability and improvements for a few releases rather than adding new features and that my answer to this is always that the moment we do this people are asking where are the new features… This is kind of a proof and unfortunatley we can’t please everybody.

I am not sure if your comment is more about the features themselves or Philippe’s presentation. I guess I have answered the former above. For the latter, I would say that back in the day we didn’t have the Flame learning channel and that what Philippe was doing was basically a one hour presentation of the new features all at once. I feel this part has been replaced by the content we put on Youtube. If there is any other gap you feel is missing we are open to discuss about them with you.


Just want to say thanks @Slabrie and @fredwarren. The new start frame setup as metadata is gold and the implementation is perfectly well thought out as far as I can tell. That alone makes the update worthwhile.



Sorry, I don’t at all mean to criticize the wonderful devs who I respect very much. I’m just unclear about the strategy.

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Can’t wait to see the results of native Apple silicon support.


I don’t use Mac and haven’t followed things related to that, so no doubt I’ve missed some important stuff. Apologies to anyone offended.


Just want to make it clear that I was not offended at all. I just tried to explain things the way I see it and give you some context.


I appreciate it very much, Fred.


And this shouldn’t be about me or my perspective, but just about the release. Sorry to hijack.


So far pretty impressive on my M1 MacBook Pro. Genuinely surprised. What’s a bit more surprising is processing speed on some openFX, particularly Neat, seemed to improved as well. Anecdotal at this point but noticeable all the same.


I understand GPM’s frustration a little bit. It’s like Christmas when you get all the presents you know you’re going to get, but always wait for that surprise one, that complete wildcard.
For me, it was always easier to discuss/sell Flame upgrades with the upper tiers when I could throw ‘extended bicubic’ or ‘3d keyer’ gobbledygook at them. Some of the ‘new tech’ was shit, some good, but it was new. Mac silicon improvements and metadata stuff is great, but without at least one random ‘blue sky’ thinking toy, then the idea of flame as a leader in its field, ie. an investment, is gone.

So, if 2025 is to be a similar ‘grey’ release, pls at least bundle a ‘we have written (purchased?) this bit of code… it’s weird but maybe you lot can do something with it?..’


Nostalgia is a powerful drug ain’t it?

I can conservatively state that multiple days of my labor over the next year have been saved by being able to select multiple paint strokes.


Nostalgia, or just hoping to have innovation?

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Personally, I’m in favour of fixing things and making it more stable than constantly adding new features, so keep up the good work Fred.