Flame Animation Maker

Hi Guys,

I’ve been putting some flicker into a DMP in Nuke and found this really cool and simple animation maker via Nukepedia.
Is there any equivalent in Flame? Expressions are great, but a real faff to set up when you only use them a few times a year. I’ve also had a look at crok_flicker, which is cool if you combine a few of them, but doesn’t seem to give the same level of control or ease of use, and S_Flicker isn’t always available.

What’s the best way to approach this? Pybox / Matchbox / something else?



I think the easiest way might be to create an action with this sort of thing. It looks a piece of piss. I’ll try and give you a call tomorrow.

Sorry, the example I showed was the most basic, but the tool allows a variety of noise and cycle types combined with ease functions - see image

A little OT but I found this a while back… it’s a good sandbox


This is great. Nice presentation too.

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Fuck. I wish we had had that to explain it at school.