Flame equivalent to Nuke Gizmo?

Still going through some docs… asking here as a display of laziness.
Does Flame have an equivalent way to how gizmos work in Nuke? Grouping nodes together and exposing parameters in a custom UI? Maybe also adding custom widgets like buttons that execute python code?

Flame doesn’t and …does.

The way to do it in flame is to build your gizmo inside a group and to create a custom matchbox shader that is just named variables for the parameters you want to expose. Link those matchbox variables to the actual blurs/etc in the gizmo with expressions and set the group to expose the UI of the custom matchbox.

I built a “rack defocus comp” group once. It worked as advertised, but no one used it because you can’t “nodify” a group the way you can a Nuke Gizmo, so you have to save it into a bin or load a setup and copy/paste it. I feel like expressions breaking as the internal names changed may have been an issue too.

So yeah, doable, but almost certainly more trouble than it’s worth. There may be a feature request for this.

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Thanks Andy. Coming from Nuke I have all these questions. Appreciate the prompt answers.