Flame Family 2023.0.1 is now available!

Hey Logik,

Another day, another update!
Autodesk Flame Family 2023.0.1 is now available for download.

Check out the release notes to learn more about the latest improvements to the Animation Editor, AVIO, and more: https://autode.sk/3vFkkwK


Thanks Robert. I don’t see a list of bug fixes. What is the status of the micro freezes?


Can’t see any mention of micro-freezes here

Ugh, micro freezes :frowning:

There is no mention of the micro-freeze problem in there because it is considered as being already fixed in 2022.3.1 and 2023.

Ah, thanks.

We are still getting them in 2022.3.1. Should we contact support?

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Yes, please.

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Hi Fred,

is there any reason the Setup app for 2023.0.1 has no Freesync options in Preview, yet if you switch to 2023 they are all there?

I tried to start 2023.0.1 and immediately get the warning that it can’t find a genlock/sync lock - I never get this when only using free sync settings.


Hello Adam!

The _free timings entries have been removed some times ago BUT were still visible if you had upgraded Flame on a system with legacy init.cfg file (i.e. we carry over the Preview timings). We have removed them in 2023.0.1 BUT you can still change the sync using the Setup application:

-Preview tab
-Double Click on the SyncSource field
-The field becomes a drop down with FreeSync, DTVSync and 601Sync Select freesync

There you go

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thanks Stephane – is there a way to select multiple settings and change them all in one go, or do I have to go through that operation for every single setting?

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Sadly there is no multi-selection in Setup for Preview Sync. But at least you do it once and will not have to od it when we will release new version of our products.

Uhhhh… SORRY Stephane, but we installed Flame 2023 starting with a blank ssd and Rocky Linux 8.5 and DKU17.

There were no existing files at all.

On the first startup, we got the no genlock source warnings, if this is what you are referring to.

Hello Robert.

I read you have installed 2023 but the post is about 2023.0.1.

The Sync dialog is normal since the default sync for timings is set to DTVSync and if we do not detect Sync Input then we display the dialog. This has not changed in 2023.0.1.

The cleanup we have done is removing the timings named _free, which are the same timings as the regular one BUT they default to Free Sync. Starting wit 2023.0.1,you need to set the Free Sync option on the selected Preview Timings to avoid getting the dialog in production environment without proper sync signal.

Hope this clarifies the issue.

seems like a backward step this. why not have a seperate box that just says sync or free run. I don’t think it would ever change depending on what resolution you are running at!

i was thinking it was an odd choice - now that Flame has deprecated its tape facilities, and more people are moving to stand alone systems, who even needs a sync generator anymore?

I have one but it always takes Flame 10s or so to even recognise it’s permanently switched on…so its far easier (and quicker) to open a project in freesync mode.

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Just set all timing to FreeSync in Setup and forget about it

Yes, there are still workflows using VTR, external sync and the current functionality covers all these needs.

Let’s move on to future workflows :wink:

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In Flame 2023 on OSX when CMD backspace to another app while rendering, The render halts. This is a feature that takes flame to a whole new level, not only can flame not background render, it now even locks up all other apps on your machine while rendering… amazing is it not?

Or is this only me or you all have the same issue? Before it was the stuck CMD key prompt, which now seams to happen a bit less, but now this…

on my mac to switch to another app its CMD Tab . (left side right above Caps Lock) - Just tested it and i can switch apps without stopping the render

It’s your keyboard B. Needs to hosed down.