Flame Integrations and Harmony with Storage Solutions on an Enterprise Level

Hello everyone!

I am a Flame artist and a producer working for a new in-house build for a two-Mac workstation with a storage bay attached over a server which will also serve grading suites, and eventually also Nuke workstations. I would love to hear thoughts and experiences of Logik users as well, for solution providers such as Quobyte.

Is anyone here aware of their service in perspective of Flame integrations?

Thanks in advance!

How big is that facility? i mostly would think that for our usecases SDS and all the crazy features are just a bit… useless/overkill , what do you need what something like a beefy synology does not give you?

If you want enterprise grade SDS stuff maybe you want to check out pixstor - pixitmedia although be ready to say goodbye to your wallet , this is specifically tuned for the tools we work with, they are pretty great when it comes to support e.t.c but in the end its a supermicro or dell or whatever server with their software on it …

There are cost-effective options in the market. A combo Ravel Orchestrate object setup and Seagate server with HDD cold storage & SSD flash storage would be a potential game changer for your situation.