Mac & QNAP NAS via NFS

Hello Everybody,

I talked with Flame Support and they told me SMB (Samba) protocol is not recommended by Flame.
Instead, NFS is the right to choose.

Alright, I activated the NFS protocol on the QNAP but but we have to add an IP to allow access.

Is anyone has QNAP / MAC / NFS protocol with Flame and could help me to mount Shared Folder as I did with SMB before ?

Thank you

I run SMB on my mac and linux. Haven’t had any problems, but when you figure something out I’d appreciate knowing how you did it.

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This is in their knowledge base, but no reason is given. I wonder why it is discourage as many people do use it without issue.

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on synology you can add a wildcard for the allowed ips like * and then everyone can mount it.

I also run smb (multichannel) no issues on the smb front here on macOS , maybe they just dont validate it? I use nfs for linux however because i dotn feel like adding my smb password to my fstab (i know password file and all that blah blah…)

I too have been using SMB and seems fine.