Flame output resolution question

Quick question. I owned a Flame back in the early 2000’s on an Onyx 2. At that point working with non-standard file sizes. was difficult. For example if I wanted to import art that was 6000px wide, I would have to stitch it together from HD sized frames. I couldn’t output anything larger than 1920x1080 as I recall. I’m guessing that has all changed… or has it? I do a lot of event work that needs very large output. I loved Flame back in the day and would like to give it a new look. Thanks in advance fro any advice.

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Yes, this and many other things have changed. The days of Tile-o-mat are long gone. We regularly work with footage larger than 6K as well as artwork that is much larger. Projects are resolution independent. I’ll let others chime in who output large size work.

right… Tile-0-mat… I was trying to remember the name.

The venerable Rich Bobo :facepunch:t2:

Not sure if things have changed since this but in “Whats New Flame 2020.1”

| New max output. The maximum resolution for Media Export increases to 16384 x 16384.

I haven’t done that much large format work until I made myself a credit scroller. I limited myself to single cards no bigger than 16000 pixels tall.

Thanks, that res should be fine.
Another question. Are Sapphire Sparks still used or is there something new that’s a must-have in the filter category?

Hi Jeff! Welcome back to flame!

Full disclosure, I almost responded with “sapphire are still in use and also you aren’t allow to smoke on airplanes anymore.” But that would have been rude and unhelpful. I apologize for even considering it.

All due respect to our Borisfx friends, Sapphire are still available (as an OFX plugin), but aren’t quite as mandatory as they were in the early aughts. And frankly, many, many things have changed since then, from color science and max bitdepth, to the unification of smoke and flame, that will make it a bit of a shock to come back to if you’ve been away for 20 years. Don’t go looking for 5D Monsters for example, or LogicOps. But do give yourself some time to get reacquainted. I’m actually a little jealous that you get to see Flame in 2024 without having to endure all of the pain that got us here…

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I’ll probably download the demo in the next week or two. Can’t wait to check it out.
Really liking the lack of a $300K entrance fee.


Hey Jeff,
Long time no see. If you want a quick look at the latest in flame, hit me up. PM me for contact info.

Hi @jeffsarge

While you are refreshing yourself with Flame, join the discord channel so you can get access to real-time help via chat or screen share. There’s always someone around.

Hey Sam! Yes it has been a very long time.
Thanks everyone for all the info. Great to see the community is live and well