Flame school like the old days at SGI / Discreet

Remember how years ago they used to have immersive flame training at SGI and Discreet where you could go get a crash course on the box for 5 days, then forget it all if you didn’t get to use it in time to put it to muscle memory? anyways, does that still exist in any way (pandemic aside)? We would like to send a jr. artist and looking to see if there is anything like that around anymore.


We’ve actually been talking about this recently. Can you send me an email at andy@logik.tv with your contact info?


do you have Sibille’s info?

Her phone number is right at the top of her link!

duh. i totally glossed over the red type link! thanks!

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Sibille trained my assistant on some stuff and she’s great. If it’s possible to also have one of your experienced artists there, it can help drive the content to be most helpful for your shop’s needs.