Anyone taught a flame class before? Trying to get one up and running in Detroit

Has anyone ever taught a flame class at a trade school/college before?

More specifically, I’m working with Autodesk and also with a film school in Detroit to get flames introduced into their curriculum along with structuring a course (or just a week long intensive class on a specific topic of flame to start the interest in the software started) for them.

Does anyone else have experience with this? I have a foundation course already laid out, just looking for more input on your experience of teaching flame and what you feel are useful topics.

Also, anyone in Detroit interested in also getting introduced to this school in hopes of maybe being a special guest one day (paid!) to show students flame?
@digitalbanshee @ssweik ?

Any input appreciated! Either here or DM me! :hugs:


I’ve taught several FXPhd classes, and done some webinars for Autodesk. The hard part to remember is that people have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing. So explain the problem, then show a solution.


In addition to this thread: Would any flame artist be open to me using parts of your flame reel to put together to show the students what flame can do? We are putting together a week long open house possibly this summer where students can come to watch demos and I would love to be able to showcase many different artists talents on flame for them! On screan credits of course! Please DM me here or on discord!

@robert.doche @digitalbanshee @ssweik


This is great! Pretty sure @GochyaFX did/does.


Hey Amanda,

I used to teach a flame class at NYU. Let me know if you’d like to chat.


I believe the reviews described it more as a one-man musical comedy tour de force.



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Yes, I’ve taught classes in LA. Happy to help.

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Great! Amazing! Ill be in touch!

I’d love to help you out @ace_elliott but I’d teach Smoke hotkeys!


Anything else would be a major disservice to the youth of our craft.

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Hey Amanda. I’ve done quite a bit of Flame classes. Though I’m def not as geographically convenient as a lot of other great resources here.


I’m sure you’re in touch with Renee.


Hey @randy and @andymilkis

Do you think we can setup an area for this kind of educational stuff under I will be preparing a half-day seminar for film school students in the fall, and maybe design a course as well. It would help all of us to train the next generation.

I could of course contact everyone providing help here one by one but some sort of portal seemed like a good idea.


I think that’s a great idea, Sinan. Thanks! I’ll chat with @randy and we’ll figure it out!


There is also the question of paywall. What and why did some users decide to charge money for what we generously give freely? This is of course a meta question.

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Off topic, but I do not believe in a weird construct to charge for something that people just give freely. Your batch got messed up? We’ll help, and we won’t ask anything of you.


To be honest, I never thought about charging anyone when teaching or training them.

I understand there may be a structured training offering of Flame training for a price, but this community has not been about payments. The effort @La_Flame has been putting in and all the priceless contribution from the community is a good sign of this, I believe.


But ADSK pays $$$ for you to travel and teach. So there that.

FWIW I don’t think paying for training/tips/support is necessarily a bad thing.

In a paying situation, I’m much more comfortable asking any dumb question my pea brain can imagine vs pressing someone for answers when they’re basically donating their time.

Paying also usually adds a level of commitment and access, which can be the biggest value.

Anyway it’s a broad area…

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