Flame User guide pdf

Hi there.
Just wondering…
Is there a way to get the complete flame as a pdf file to be able to consult it even offline?

Thx. :slight_smile:

So I did some digging, and adobe acrobat and some online services allow you to convert simple websites to pdf. I tried, and they don’t work on the user guide.

If you only need some pages offline, you can always print individual web pages as a PDF from your browser, and then use Adobe Acrobat or something like SumatraPDF to assemble the pages into a single document. You won’t have the links between the pages, but all the info will be there.

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Wait - when did ADSK stop providing the manual as PDF? We had to fight hard for that several years ago.

Last release with a PDF was Flame 2018, so that means the last pdf produced was in 2017.


We stopped publishing pdfs because they’re a pain to maintain, to distribute, become outdated as soon as they’re published, and finally because, you’ve only just realized that we hadn’t shipped a pdf in 5 years :wink:

That being said, the user guide is far from perfect. You can always use feedback.autodesk.com for, well, feedback.



Ok. I understand that it’s probably not worth for Autodesk spending time and energy working on a pdf version that changes that often.
I just feel that, as all the pages exist anyway, it’s too bad not to have an « export as pdf » button on the online help site… :frowning:
But thx for the feedback.

Truth, GPM…

A proper freelancer would have PDFs of all versions of Flame or Smoke on their laptop as Wi-Fi / cellular connectivity wasn’t a given.

Something changed in early 2011 when ADSK got tired of making PDF manuals. In a reply to me about the missing PDFs the ADSK M&E “Document Product Lead” sent this: “We are trying to reduce the proliferation of deliverables and focus on those that give us the most features. Web/HTML wins over PDF.”

Six months later PDFs were back.

If only there was a device, picket-sized and hand-held, that could be connected to the internet… and you could ask it anything and it would get you an answer.

One can dream I guess.


Finally an helping comment! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The dream doesn’t work with a client that firewalls workstations and disallows personal devices on premise.

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Leave premise… I’m assuming you aren’t chained to the desk.

True, cnollert.

That said, I still think philobedo’s interest in exporting ADSK’s current help pages to a PDF is valid. Even if the formatting isn’t perfect, having an offline version of the manual isn’t a bad thing.

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