Flame User guide pdf

Hi there.
Just wondering…
Is there a way to get the complete flame as a pdf file to be able to consult it even offline?

Thx. :slight_smile:

So I did some digging, and adobe acrobat and some online services allow you to convert simple websites to pdf. I tried, and they don’t work on the user guide.

If you only need some pages offline, you can always print individual web pages as a PDF from your browser, and then use Adobe Acrobat or something like SumatraPDF to assemble the pages into a single document. You won’t have the links between the pages, but all the info will be there.


Wait - when did ADSK stop providing the manual as PDF? We had to fight hard for that several years ago.

Last release with a PDF was Flame 2018, so that means the last pdf produced was in 2017.


We stopped publishing pdfs because they’re a pain to maintain, to distribute, become outdated as soon as they’re published, and finally because, you’ve only just realized that we hadn’t shipped a pdf in 5 years :wink:

That being said, the user guide is far from perfect. You can always use feedback.autodesk.com for, well, feedback.



Ok. I understand that it’s probably not worth for Autodesk spending time and energy working on a pdf version that changes that often.
I just feel that, as all the pages exist anyway, it’s too bad not to have an « export as pdf » button on the online help site… :frowning:
But thx for the feedback.

If only there was a device, picket-sized and hand-held, that could be connected to the internet… and you could ask it anything and it would get you an answer.

One can dream I guess.


Finally an helping comment! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Leave premise… I’m assuming you aren’t chained to the desk.

Autodesk help website down right now, darn would love a user guide PDF!

Autodesk website problems, internet going down, plus other classic hurdles that love to happen when delivering, some kind of PDF would be appreciated! At very least an offline mode to download the help portion of the Autodesk website for offline use, like Prime Video offline etc, that would be cool :wink:

The internet doesn’t always work as needed but loading a PDF does :wink:

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It’s working for me