ADSK licensing nonsense

Can someone translate this into English for me?


I just the email too. I’m emailing my reseller for clarification, but my understanding is it’s Adobe CC style licensing. No more floating license server, no more Flame Premium. You need a sign in for each license.

Also sounds pretty hard to keep compliant with TPN when you need to open connections to:


Nothing like having to wildcard half the internet just to get a license.


Yea, I don’t get it at all. Nothing makes sense. I reached out to my reseller and they sent me back a bunch of nonsense that was just more confusing. Hopefully it’s not gibberish for “we’re raising costs on everyone”.

My understanding is everybody gets a username and a password.

Along with a price increase it would seem. In my case going from maintenance to subscription will be a pretty dramatic price increase. About 6 times more. So I have some doubts when they say the future prices will be consistent with what I pay now.

But you’ll get three for one and you only have to pay for the one you currently have…plus the other two you’re getting.

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