Flame work in Chile and South America

Hi All,

It’s likely that ll’l be going down to Chile for several months with my wife(to spend some time with her family), around the end of March.

I’ll still be working remotely with the US based shops but I would of course very much like to see what’s available in Chile and also the rest of South America.
If anyone will be needing some extra/help, hands come Spring. Would be very cool to work with new people in the Southern Hemisphere.

Will be bringing my Flame setup down to Chile and with the introduction of fiber there remote-ing in is of course also an option for sure.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.

No leads on work, but I’ve shot down there.
If you find yerself near Valparaiso, that’s an incredible place to see.

Oh yeah, spent a couple days in Valparaiso. My wife’s friend lives there and it’s amazing.

Happy to help out remotely.