New Camera to Cloud on-set workflow. INSANE!


It’s not like outdoor broadcasters haven’t been doing this since, oh, forever.
But good.

I was just talking about this, less excited about the real-time editing from set, but the review capabilities and the idea of a centralized server for all material looks exciting to me. It would be like having editorial, color and vfx work off the same server is a nice idea, well once the cloud is fast enough.

The pushback will be the same as it has been for the last decade.

Studios and data integrity / chain of custody.

Bonding companies.

Investor assurances.

Camera unions.

Editorial unions.

There’s always a reason why it won’t work.
The reason is always to do with a special interest.

And then after the statute of limitations is over, someone will try it again and claim it’s the emperors new workflow.

Meanwhile, outdoor broadcasting, real-time graphics, 8k production, real-time slowmo, real-time distribution, no “versions”, real-time archiving with metadata, worlds best athletes…blah blah blah…

I’m just sayin’

yea the amount of times I have had to wait for a drive to be sent over to color just seems silly so hopefully this will rid us of stupid problems like that, but invariably it will introduce new problems.

I have been doing a similar worklow using qtake and dropbox for a while now, qtake writes live proxys and uploads them to dropbox then editor grabs it and off he goes.

the only cool thing here is that you dont need a qtake…

Kind of cool back in 2008.
But it didn’t really spread like wildfire.
Could have been the prohibitively expensive license fees.
Maybe it’s different now?

for commercials in germany I see it on almost every set in fact. Only been to 1 non qtake shoot that I can even remeber . Also had qtake in South Africa.

How else do people to live playback? Using like Blackmagic recorders?