Moving Image Sequences in the Cloud

Last week I was on a job where we used FrameIO as our “server” and it sucked something fierce. For whatever benefits FrameIO may have, it haaaates image sequences and never once successfully uploaded a complete folder of them. @randy told me there is an app for FrameIO, but the one I got is just a menubar that kicks me back to the web interface which cannot handle more than like 10 images in a folder.

Then today I was uploading an old job to Dropbox and it flaked out trying to just COUNT the number of EXRs and I had to reboot. After the reboot DB is ripping through them happily, but I’m wondering what are your preferred ways to move image files around?

Zipping and uploading seems to work well, but I don’t want to spend hours doing that.

Zip/tar DWAA

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I don’t know what app you have downloaded, but, you are seeking the Frame IO Transfer Application.

Also, if you really wanna move things around like a Boss Hogg, then I suggest Wasabi. It’s true cloud storage and doesn’t have any of the fancy stupid front end stuff that gets broken with thousands/millions of huge/large images. That bad news is, you’re going to need to get your hands dirty with a few easy things, but, since that likely ain’t your style, I’d recommond the Frame IO Transfer App. Of all the options it’s most likely going to fit with your style once you find where the light switches are.

Looks like this. | Video Review and Collaboration Software


I had that app. I never figured out how to upload with it.

Not that it really helps you but, we’ve setup Owncloud for remote, single-user edge point scenarios. The way we’ve got it configured, the user can sync entire projects sitting on our production nas (or the cloud or Dropbox or Amazon or whatever) bi-directionally to a localized folder… basically like you would do with Dropbox or something.

For the end user, you export/import to the same path you would if you were at the shop, writing to this localized synced copy of the project, and that data is magically whisked away over the internet and synced back to the main project location with zero interaction.

The trick has obviously been mount point replication for the localized data but once that’s in place everything just hums along. My last project was 3.5tb, steadily written exr by exr via redshift, Nuke and flame over the internet. Not a single lost frame.


Empty Frame IO project.

Frame IO Transfer App, logged in.

Annoying folder with thousands of EXRs in it.

Drag and Drop into Frame IO Transfer.

Magic is happening.


was going to suggest this as well! Randy is all over it!

I use synology drive running on my nas to upload stuff to my coworkers home office machines.

works well, we only use EXR on everything,

and its not the cloud but self hosted.