Freelance Contract

Guys, dumb question…maybe one of you can help me.

Is there any place in Logik where I can find drafts of Contracts for flame artists? I've just started freelancing and the client is asking me for a contract. 

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Hi there,

Currently, not at this moment. I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating some kind of template that we could use.

What specifically are you looking for?

A booking confirmation contract for yourself, a freelancer, to engage with a studio?
A statement of work / bid / contract to perform work for an agency?
A long term employment contract with a studio including non-compete clauses?

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Hi Andy,

I am looking for A booking confirmation contract for myself as a freelancer to engage with a studio. It is just five days work.


Most of my “contracts” of that scope are just booking emails detailing my rate and the days I’m being hired to work, and they’re sent by the company.

But if they aren’t sending it, no reason you can’t send one that says “rate is this, timeframe is this”

I don’t think you need to get all that detailed.


So for this I typically have a list of expectations: rate, duration, any known deliverables or stipulations, OT, working hours, what might happen for kill fees, etc.

I was thinking about making a generic one and giving it to Patrons. Would that be helpful?



Try to keep it simple. Like REALLY simple.

From the company’s perspective they want you to do the work they give you, at the rate you’ve both agreed upon in the time you both think is reasonable. They don’t want you to steal their content and they will flay you if you steal their client’s content. This is not an exaggeration. If you have a hunch whatever you’re doing might not be good with your client, ask them or just don’t do it. But don’t fuck around with their stuff.

From your perspective, you want to do the work they’ve hired you to do, for the money you’ve both agreed upon. You want to get paid as soon as you can. You want this to go smoothly and you want them to hire you again.

So for an agreement, in most cases an email detailing rate, schedule (booking) and general scope will suffice. Andy’s advice above is good.


Keep an eye out for Non-Disclosure Agreements which also usually encompass and sometimes confused with Confidentiality Agreements - NDAs. This is where things can get seriously weird with a lot of companies. Many of whom have not used a good lawyer to write their NDAs - they might’ve cobbled it from other shops, lifted paragraphs from web templates and maybe even taken a stab at being their own lawyer. Some of it is not enforceable in the state with jurisdiction. Some of it might directly contradict labor law. Some shops present very long NDA’s in hopes that you’ll just sign it because it’s a hassle. I’ve found most of that kind of stuff to be overly broad and mostly ridiculous. Read it or have someone you trust read it! If you sign it, you’re agreeing to it.

If you think it’s really over-reaching, then don’t sign. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve seen way too many folks over the years sign without even reading. As an example, once many years ago, a client gave me their NDA where they said they can hold me liable for breeches by other employees or freelancers. Think about that. They didn’t even know the clause was in there. I asked them nicely about that and we agreed that wasn’t what they intended and that paragraph was nixed.

Bottom line with the NDA should be: you’re agreeing to be honorable, your name is worth a lot more than your skills.

(I am not an attorney, this is not to be confused with legal advice)


Yeah Randy… I did something simple. I took a video editor sample as a model and changed it a little bit… It would be good if we have a generic one here in the forum. There are so many points I think it is important in a contract: terms and conditions, payment time, etc…

Thank you, Randy,

Good point Josh thanks…