Ftrack - Flame integration

If anyone has ideas or interest about Ftrack integration with Flame they are listening.
You can add the request / vote here


As a quick update, they are directly asking what key features and must haves any flame integration would have.
Personally we work on episodic shot based projects where we are exporting plates as well as comping and reviewing in Flame / Nuke

whaaat? Been bugging them for years at all the trade shows and always been given the standard "yeah sure but no one uses flame and we have to use our resources where it matters(Maya+Nuke)
" So this is nice if it happens at some point

Here’s an FTRACK update…
It seems that the team at ftrack are still looking into this Flame integration but would like to get some support from studios so that the request can be significantly bumped up the list. If there are for example 5 studios willing to share some of the development cost then it can be achieved quite quickly. I know that there has already been some talks / interest in this so just putting this out there on behalf of ftrack.
If you are interested then it would be great to send FTRACK a brief email with your support and ideas.

I find it pretty amazing that after like 10 years they still don’t have Flame integration. F-Track is almost exclusively used in commercial environments, where Flame dominates as a software. If they just have Flame integration it would be a serious alternative to ShotGrid for us.

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7 years (until I left at the end of 2020) of fiddling with ftrack at the mill and it was never integrated. IMHO, it’s a white elephant.


I agree. It would be great to give the Flame community an option to switch or have an alternative to ShotGrid.

@johnt - if it was implemented so there was less fiddling to integrate then it might be more attractive… but understand your experience

My experience of working with ftrack was that they didn’t listen much. There was a fella from ftrack who was supposed to be helping us integrate. I remember overhearing him talking to a colleague giving it the Larry Large saying how he’d worked on features and we didn’t know anything. My argument was that we weren’t making features and we needed things to work faster than features.

i’ve been using Ftrack with flame for over 5 years. It doesn’t come that way out of the box, MPC advertising (now MILL) built custom integration on top. I publish straight out of flame with MILL presets for all post production tasks and all kinds of plates for my team, local or remote. Having worked at small to medium sized shops most of my career i dont have any other asset management systems (shot grid) to compare it to but many of our artists like it and want every job to run through it. It doesn’t really make sense for every job (finishing style jobs, versioning, quick turn around) and we dont use every single feature in it but we continue to build more automation and integration tools into it. We have our own pipeline team so i dont know what the prevailing attitude towards flame is there. I agree it would be a big boon to flame to have integration out of the box but i imagine autodesk is somewhat of a competitor?