Ftrack? Shotgrid? NIM? GTFO! Aquarium!

ok hear me out.

We have been trying this for like 3 days now.

Its the most intuitive and most performant option of ANY shotmanagement tool I have ever used, it bascially has most features anyone would want , pricing is fair, its fast.

I jusr had to share it, why would I share a gem like this ?? Because if more people use it maybe we can all share some nice flame integration, their API seems pretty simple!!

I am just in love with this thing from the get go, we all are.

So id recommend to give it a try, give them all your money, make them strong! :smiley:



I’ll take a look at this @finnjaeger thanks.
We are actively looking into this market atm. NiM, Shotgrid, Ftrack, Prism, openPype …

We really need something to help the CG guys publish cameras, animation and models around multiple artists. It can get quite messy with CG.

I have been very happy with the simple interface that NiM offers and I credit NiM for getting me introduced into sbot publishing and OpenClips but without some serious software development it doesn’t publish anything from CG.

We reached out and found these guys:

Looks very interesting :point_up_2:


visional does look fantastic its like the only out of the bunch of “pipeline in a box” that comes with native flame support.
but no blender !

Aquarium is mainly more like a ftrack, not the pope part but they are working in integrating with ayon/openpype

The thing about aquarium though, which is amazing, is that it’s a node based architecture. The biggest draw for me has been the fact that you can have a miro type board which allows you to embed any of the site wide data structures in. So I can pin all the shots in there in an infinite canvas and they are updated to the latest versions, with corresponding nodes linked up that ripple out to the attached tasks. If anyone is into visual task management it’s really something.

Have you tried it with Flame yet?


AYON works with Flame out of the box also and appears to be super user friendly. It’s the evolution of openpype and plugs straight into FTrack, Kitsu & Shotgrid. So if Aquarium plugs into that then it should work with Flame.


wait ayon has flame support?

Oo i did not know…

ill go with that then for sure

Also has a Node View Addon AYON Node Graph addon – ynput

AYON is a pipeline management tool and not a shot/project management tool from my understanding so you still may need Aquarium to manage it once it’s integrated with AYON. Or go with FTrack or Kitsu.

AYON also has tools for remote artists still being part of the pipeline too which may be of some interest to you.

I’m not currently using AYON so cannot comment on whether it works or not.

I’m very skeptical of all these products which claim Flame support. Outside of SG and NIM, I’ve never seen anything else do proper Timeline and Batch publishes from Flame.

tbh its always a thing when you are a 7 person company with 3 pople using flame to deploy stuff like that and maintain it.

Hi guys, AYON is the evolution/commercial of openPype. Our facility is using it but i didn’t had the chance yet to test it in flame. I’m a bit skeptical too of what it could be possible to do within flame, especially on publishing shots for other departments. Right know we deal with that task with nuke studio. I would be very interested in getting in touch with someone that as already played around with openPype/AYON in flame. Anyone knows if Autodesk is getting involved in any way in the developments of this software integration?

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Here are the supported features… Allegedly.