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Playing it right now in super easy mode. I love the gay midget.

I’m sure you don’t mean to make fun, but those terms are offensive.

I have just seen the second trailer for the upcoming Super Mario movie.

I am a huge fan of the Illumination movies (Minions, Sing ….)

I think/hope it is going to be really good :crossed_fingers:

One for the family I hope. You’ve got to love Shigeru Miyamoto. What a legend.

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That looks good. Something I’d love to bring my son to.

I wonder if I should warm him up with the live action movie first? set the bar for video game movies… Haha.


With my laptop and some boring travel and hotel times the last projects I decided to go portable. And it runs more stable and good looking than expected, def. worth a try, hoping the next batch renders will take some more minutes for more “testing”.


I’ve sunk serious time back into Horizon Forbidden West recently. I’d hastily beat it sometime last March in between my endless time in Elden Ring and felt the game was …fine.

I picked it back up and it’s been so fun. The combat is tremendous and the graphics are in a class of their own. Wrecking robot mammoths for parts is great. I keep telling myself that I’m going to do a NG+ run, but then I decide to level up another weapon or do one more sidequest for some face paint. I’m frankly shocked at how fun I’m finding it. I’ll probably even make a run for the “beat the game on Ultra Hard” trophy.


Just started Horizon… very impressive so far… (just entered the Forbidden West)


Aight, Im gonna go complete Bro on you guys.

I’m really having fun blowing stuff up in Call of Duty Warzone 2, DMZ style. If anybody out there just needs to blow off some steam and be hilariously bad at Call of Duty and not care about it and wanna play some time, drop me a line.


Alright, inspired by @randy in his call for games buddies. I don’t blow stuff up with grenades and stuff, but I’m playing through all the Dark Pictures Anthology- spooky, psychological horror story driven choose your own adventure games (Man of Medan, Little Hope, etc) and I’m sooooo curious what this is like when played online multiplayer, but am horrified of playing video games with total strangers on the internet. If anybody wants to play, dm me please. I got an Xbox, and I think it’s not cross platform so that’s a thing.

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Finally finished Red Dead Redemption 2 (aka “Grand Theft Horsey”).

Don’t have a ton of time for gaming but it was great to relax, ride my horse and shoot some food, and occasionally get into some trouble just like they used to back in the 1800’s.

Loved the character of Arthur. Would love to see him in a movie someday… i’m sure this games been optioned by somebody.

I’m a big fan of glitches in games… this one’s been out awhile and patched up, so i really didn’t see many of the storied glitches i’d heard about…a search on Youtube for Red Dead glitches is a real hoot, things like horses geo being swapped for humans, etc… perty funny.

I was astounded at the real-time graphics quality. Although, do you guys have a hard time letting silly things go sometimes? I see a lot of things in games like when you walk outside, the over-done glare, way too much depth fog, etc… kinda took me out of the enjoyment of how much effort was put into making an otherwise picture-perfect game, graphics-wise.

Anyhoo… on to the FF7 Remake next… (when i get time)

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Worst so far had been Dying Light 2. Even if it’s wanted but sparing money on that is silly enough: Every freaking dialog, instead of animating faces or showing sth, your character just looks away. Would be ok on some cheap indi game but a AAA one after years of development?

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Horizon has to be one of my all time favorite games. Everything is just so top notch, and it’s just fun to play.

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Totally agree. it’s great. I’m just now kind of done with it, just wandering around doing quests on the lowest difficulty as a chill out on my fourth run through the game.

Such beautiful attention to detail. Very excited for the LA-centric DLC this April.

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Anyone into sim racing? I picked up GT7 on my PS5 last week and have been floored by how much I’m enjoying it using just the ps5 controller like a steering wheel and am looking into getting a wheel and pedals, but hoo boy is it a deep rabbit hole!


Yes… but not GT7… Assetto Corsa Competitzione… As for a wheel, depends on how serious you want to get… I’ve got a T300RS set in a playseat challenge (needed something I could stash away) … but yeah… you can go nuts with Fanatec and spend over 10K on a rig… haha…

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Nice! How do you like your wheel/rig combo? Does it work well for you?

It works well for me and also… it’s my only reference as I’ve never tried direct-drive super bling wheels….
But I’m more of a casual ‘dad’ simracer… I don’t have time to do online racing and stuff as work/kids/pets/wife require me to be able to pause any game at any time.
What I like about simracing is that I can hop in, challenge myself to get that 0.1 of my laptime for a couple of laps and then be done. Not worring about story immersion or anything!


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