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After making a joke reply about how everyone should play Sekiro, I thought about how there has been a reasonable amount of book discource on here, but no games discourse yet.

As someone who’s read zero books this year, but built at least five Bloodborne characters, I’d like to know what everyone else is playing.

Besides loving everything Fromsoft makes, the two games I keep coming back to are Death Stranding and Nier:Automata.

Death Stranding is such a horrible idea for a game: walk from place to place delivering nondescript packages to hologram people. And I love it. I spend so much time just going places, delivering stuff. It’s such a pleasing game to play. I can understand why people might not like a hiking simulator, but I remember seeing a giant mountain in the distance and joking with a friend that I bet you could climb it–you can never summit mountains in games after all.

So good.

Nier:Automata is just plain weird. Fast action, strange anime protagonists, robots named after philosophers and a function that deletes your entire game. The music is amazing, the story is heartbreaking and I’m looking forward to playing it all the way to deletion, for third time.


While I normally advise aspiring gamers to enter the first person shooter world via call of Duty, I find Stephen King’s novel “Cujo” a far more apt entry point to the world of first person terror and chaos … hahaha. Couldn’t help myself. I’m not a gamer, but I’m an Andy Dill fan and I just had to respond. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Outer wilds

Love the “discover the story at your own pace” approach. Reminds me of the feeling I got from playing Myst all those years ago. Allows you to feel smart but also challenged without any fear or punishment for dying.

But also please do yourself a favour and get:

Untitled Goose Game.

So much fun.


outer wilds is fun fun.

I’ve been slowly learning starwar squadrons. I have a full hotas setup, with a special chair I built, that has the stick and throttle built into the arms, and a VR rig. I haven’t been able to play it as much as I wanted, but I’m going hope for some free time around the holidays.

Been on a bit of a board game kick lately after I found vassal. ( its a board game sim that allows you really play any board game with others over the internet. It’s been a nice way to keep up with friends.

I have been playing Imperial assault, It is a lot of fun. If anyone ever wants to play, let me know and I can run it!





I’m pretty much strictly a console gamer these days and my drug of choice has been Zelda Breath of the Wild (for the third run through). It’s just a gorgeous game. I also enjoy the occasional online play of Halo.


I haven’t dabbled in games in years. Now that I have 3 kids of gaming age, we’ve really enjoyed Nintendo Switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild. What an amazingly rich and beautiful world! I also have a decent Windows Laptop with an RTX 2070 in it that I’ve donated to the kids’ gaming efforts during lockdown. One thing that is abundantly clear, is the gaming on a PC, whilst may offer access to the latest and greatest, is so much frigging work to manage. I don’t often get a chance to play any games that pique my interest, but when I do, it’s sooo annoying to have to deal with a Windows Update or Steam update or any of that crap. Are the consoles any better/easier?

Thanks to this thread, you savages you, I did fire up boot camp on my Mac Pro. And, its devastatingly close to being perfectly workable. But Bluetooth audio and Xbox controllers is spotty/crappy/unworkable, with occasional monitor flickers. So, thanks to y’all, now I’ve picked up Cyberpunk 2077 after not knowing anything about anything and whilst I’m enjoying the escape of it after the kids go to bed, there’s yet another thing in my digital life that needs tweaking and investment.

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I enjoy the occasional PC game, but it is, as @randy noted, a lot of gear to keep on top of.

I’ve been very happy with my PS4. Every now and again there is a console OS update that will need to be applied, but it’s just clicking “yeah, go ahead” and sitting around for five minutes as it updates. They always seem to drop when whatever brand new game you want to play comes out.

The nice thing about PS4, Xbox and Steam (but not Nintendo) is the digital versions of games go on sale regularly. I paid $15 or less for Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Nier: Automata, and Horizon Zero Dawn and continue to play the HELL out of them. I’m probably at ten-cents per hour of entertainment at this point. Even Sekiro, which I paid the full $60 for, is below a dollar-per-hour.

The Untitled Goose game is amazing. I know my kids are playing it because the laughter is just another level.


Found myself with a little game time on my hands so I just picked up a copy of “The Last Of Us Part II”

My early impressions are good. I really enjoy the way Naughty Dog approach a game with an almost perfect balance of story and gameplay. The game engine is amazing. Some of the facial animation and the hair!

The only downside I can see is that it will be a little bit like eating a clock,
It’ll be time consuming! :wink:


You should all try Hades. Its a brilliant game.


Kart64 and GoldenEye slappers only.


Hades looks amazing. I’m waiting for it to be ported to PS4. Or maybe I’ll break down and buy a Switch so I can play it (and Zelda, and Mario, and Bayonetta 2)

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What up, fellow nerds! I have a pretty righteous gaming PC, but by and large play on console these days because HDR on the PS4 Pro + LG OLED is a much better experience than HDR on the computer. All these suggestions are great…Hades is probably my GoTY for 2020, and can be played on the PC but I strongly recommend playing it on a controller unless you want RSI.

I also suggest checking out Control if you haven’t already. The world building is just fantastic and the gameplay is great fun…I normally skip a lot of the flavor text/audio/video in games due to lack of time, but found myself hunting down every last bit I could find. Imagine X-files meets Ghostbusters meets Stranger Things. It’s a couple years old now so you can probably snag it on sale pretty cheap.

Last of Us 1 and 2 are incredible achievements in gaming, but they were one and done for me because I felt so emotionally drained after playing them, particularly in the 2nd one.

I would also recommend Subnautica for playing with your kids if you can catch it on sale.


@andy_dill I picked up Death Stranding for PS4 cheap the other day and I am a couple of hours (2 hours of cut scenes and 30 mins gameplay) into it.

It is shit balls crazy. I have enjoyed the other Metal Gear solid games.

No spoilers but does this have any boss battles or such thing?

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Kind of.

In game related news, I’m playing Persona 5 Royal and it’s amazing.

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Another one I have on my watch list. PS4 games seem to be going quite cheap these days and there are so many that I have been wanting to play.

I’ve played the PS consoles for years. I love the Farcry series, Farcry 6 coming out next week with Giancarlo Esposito as the villain. Borderlands 3 was a trippy multi-color blast.


I was sniffy about FPS on consoles for a while. Loved my WASD and mouse but my gaming PC is getting very old.

Loved those FarCry games

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I’m quite an avid gamer, but for the last few years become a bit of a combat flight sim man. Quite meditative once you figure it out, especially in VR. Study sim level though so the learning curve is steep, but there’s a certain joy in getting a new plane and poking through flight manuals to figure out new weapons systems.


ICLS carrier loops

In the beginning it feels a bit like this though: Idiots guide to DCS

Then other side of the spectrum, finally finished Disco Elysium. Just love everything about it. It’s a work of art in more ways than one.

Finding Disco Elysium