Goodbye 5D?



Well it sure seems like they’ve at least attempted to address the pain points of the Z1.

Hopefully it will take the theta from “good enough” to a generally accepted capture device because it is a timesaver, and thus a lifesaver, on set.


…or maybe not. buried in the spec sheet on the official product page:

It has some pain points that seem to make it worse than the Z1

  • Slower shutter speed 1/16000 vs 1/25000
  • Fixed Aperture at f/2.4 , Z1 did 5.6 (and has 2 settings I think?)
  • No RAW (ugh…)

So all in all ~2 stops less dynamic range probably more due to missing raw.

I am also very skeptical of the resolution increase, dont forgett that sensor resolution and Image resolution are 2 very different pairs of shoes, I kinda doubt itll be much sharper than the Z1, espeically given the Jpeg compression and the tiny glass.

Video recording capabilliteies seem better though, thats nice for car reflection capture during driving but I dont k ow this could replace a isntapro 360 pro whatever giant camera.

Z1 is allready pretty much perfect, I like the raw workflow and just setup a my+ setting with bracketing , set the camera down and press a button and then wait :man_shrugging:


Interesting… I’ve been shooting HDR’s with my Z1 for a while now (and even the one before that, the V)… works pretty well if you know it’s limits…

I like the gps and I like the sd cart … don’t fancy the display, I’d prefer batterylife over it…
But… if it doesn’t have raw then I don’t need it…

They still advertise the Z1 as the flagship?

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Finally added a memory card. lol

First thing that came to mind: “Didn’t those sparks go the way of the dodo long time ago?” Interesting the way the brain works.

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Speaking of which, (and having a Theta V), has anyone had experience using the Insta 360 ONE x2 for HDR capture / Light surveys?

Apparently it’ll shoot an equirectangular 2:1 as a DNG, has “HDR”, etc…

Or is the Z1 the way to go?

i cant recall exactly but something put me of the insta when going through spec sheet

yea and its 1/8000 and f2 so … meh no idea how easy hdr capture is on the z1 its just click a button and done

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I have been told by the majority of the CG colleagues/companies that I know that the Insta 360 does not hold up nor compare to the z1.

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Yup. That’s what I gathered as well.