What sub-$4000 USD Cameras do we like (Jan 2023 edition)?

I often think I should get a camera that shoots nice video so I can shoot nice video.

I’ve had this thought often for over a decade and never bought one. I’m still not likely to buy one,
But which cameras do you guys like for video these days? Anything exciting on the horizon? How’s the Blackmagic 12k guy?

Canon EOS R6 for me. But it’s only sub $4k if you already have lenses. So ignore me like you usually do.


BMPCC, 4K, perfect for shooting VFX elements.

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I second @paul_round, BMPCC 4K is great. You can probably get one for sub $1200 on ebay too.

why stop at 4k?


I like you can use the internal gyroscope data to help with stabilization inside Resolve.

Nikon guy here…
Picked up a Z6II last year and LOVE it. Mainly use it for stills, though. Fantastic in low light.

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I have this guy, shoots raw dng full frame , is a beast


And am looking forward to buying their fovean full frame version in the future, if u didn’t know fovean is amazing r g and b r 1 to 1

So much detail with fovean, no false color, perfect textures, just has to live with low iso


I’ve had a Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k for a couple years now. Really like it. Also comes w/ a copy of Resolve Studio, which is really handy. You can load LUTs on the camera to view/shoot through, which is really fun, creatively. It’s fully manual though, so you’re pulling your focus yourself, etc…

Better question is, what’ll you be using it for, mostly? There are lots of good cameras that have decent AF as well. Personally, if I’m not shooting it on a canon/gopro/iphone and want to step things up, the Blackmagic hasn’t disappointed.

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Knowing the OP, likely TikToks.


Sony FX3 is awesome.


iPhone. Used it for tons of pick up shots over the years too.

Also with the LiDAR Scanner you can comp in 3d models you shoot too. This has been very helpful.


I’ve had the old Blackmagic Pocket and Cinema in the past. Know that most likely the body is the least of your cost. Glass will be the money pit. :wink: … I’ve been looking at that Sigma as well, might wait for the full frame version…

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sadly the iPhone cant lock exposure anymore which suuucks even with filmic :frowning:

If you want to go phone route you can pick up a onePlus 8Pro and use a app to record raw dng, the quality is insane.

I would always buy a camera that has easy and solid way ti get it into ACES, this is pretty much every camera that shoots raw, unless its DNG which is… difficult!

Then it should be internal recording for convenience, my nikon Z6 cant even shoot 10bit Nlog internal… meh! Dont know about the canons and stuff but id always rather have the most clean capture i can get rather than a bunch of festures.

also I dont want any built in sensor stabilisation and other consumer features, if i just want to shoot video id use my phone…

So that leaves me with a few options, I went a bit higher and got a ursa mini pro a while back - very nice used it as b-cam for alexa shoots a bunch with its PL mount and all.

a) Used RED scarlet/dragon whatever , saw some full packages for way under $4000… those are old but still.

b) Blackmagic pocket 4/6K or a used ursa mini set with native braw support in flame those are a great option all around.

That would be my selection, i would not go sigma FP… or external recorder… Its just too much of a hassle, red is probably the most friendly because it shoots compressed raw internally which only red is allowed to do

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Hi @finnjaeger I’m a bit puzzled. I’m on the latest iOS and still have exposure lock.

you can enable it but it doesnt fully lock exposure anymore , go give it a try, its also locally dimming areas not just a all over exposure shift.

You might well be right. I’ll keep an eye out.

For my uses, making adverts, it easily gets stuff over the line.

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its sad, even with prores…

Also the iPhone does crazy amounts of processing even in prores mode and all.

I know the colors are bad for a comparisson video but ive bought a onePlus8 pro just to try this out and its real, its insane quality, very beta and experimental but it does work, the smartphone sensors are awesome the processing just destroys everything :frowning:


There is mcpro24fps app for Android phones, if your phone is supported you can record 10-bit HEVC I-frames with something close to Alexa Wide Gamut/LogC or Sony Slog 3 that can be brought to ACES.

PS onePro 8 should work))))

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do try the MotionCam Raw video app as well its crazy what kind of quality you can get!! ill try that app as well though


For approx 2,000€ you could get a blackmagic pocket 4k , a metabones speedbooster and the sigma art 18-35mm f1.8 . Hard to find a better setup for that price.

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