Grading / Lighting a substance texture


I have a substance texture of concrete under a roto of a car in my comp that I want to grade / light correctly to match scene.

I’m having trouble getting the lights in the right place. I wish I could just attach an image node to it and away I go in grading mode, but you can’t

Is there another way?

Lightbox with a color corrector attached should give you more control. You can also add separate matchboxes directly to basecolor (or any of the other texture maps) to get what you’re after.

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Thanks for the tip. I guess I try and want to do too much in the one action. I eventually split out all the bits out of Action and added what I needed upstream.

For sure. The lightbox and color corrector suggestions were to keep it all in a single action. Often times grading base color and using a lightbox on your light to grade the effects of the result before leaving action are nice hacks to get you where you need to go.