Match Grade with Master Grade

Trying to use Master Grade to match color and was curious if anyone has similar techniques that the old color corrector or color warper use that we can select front and back to see the values then use offset, gamma, gain etc to adjust. I am not seeing this option for some sort of live feedback with a view option or are people using various scopes on front and back?

I don’t think there’s a function like that in MasterGrade. If you’re matching shot to shot for grading, your best bet is to use the scopes. If you grab a frame from the shot you’re matching to and then use that in compare mode, it will show you both shots in the scopes. (the ref one will show up as light blue, which really threw me off at first because I was expecting the way that Resolve does it) (on edit: the compare and scopes tools have been evolving and this functionality may be different or non-existent previous to 2021)

If you’re matching for the purposes of comping elements together and you want their levels to be the same, I would suggest using the old Color Correct node instead of Mastergrade.

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Yea that’s what I would usually do but since master grade is designed to work better with linear color spaces I was hoping they would design a nice way to match grades

It would also be useful to have a reference sample in the color sampler tool -

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As a slight aside…whenever I have tried mastergrade, it seems much slower and far more fiddly to use than Colour Correct.
Is there any advantage to using Mastergrade?

It has to with the correct values and the sliders work better in linear and log color spaces, unless someone knows how to offset the linear values in the color corrector so that I don’t have adjustments that are +.00001

Yes but it would have to be dynamic