Grading the Light Away--any tips?

I am sitting here thinking about how it is basically impossible to relight a person, but it seems like it should be at least somewhat easier than it is.

Does anyone have any tricks for removing a light on someone’s face, or just in general removing light?

I’m assuming you can’t share clip or still?

there are some tutorials for Resolve doing this exact thing on YouTube. It has some AI/ML auto face Normals and stuff.

(It’s of course way easier to add a light than to remove.) I’ve done a good bit of relighting using normals, etc. — but it hasn’t been removing an in-camera light.

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The top of my reddit feed right now:

Not sure how well it would work with non demo footage, but maybe worth a try?

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was just about to post this too.

To clarify: there is no clip, and I’m not working on anything that requires it at the moment.

I’m looking for info that will broaden my mind. It’s the sort of thing people might have some tricks for, and it isn’t something I have tricks for, so I’m asking about it.

The flat demo footage makes me worry it will cause even more jobs to be shot in the “marvel style” of ambiguous lighting in support of backgrounds-to-be-designed-later. A huge win for all of us virtual re-lighters, a huge loss for aesthetics. Haha.


Actually, there are increasingly better tools. We’ve done tests in Resolves and there are multiple tutorials.

It comes down to getting a normals map and depth map of the face with AI tools. Then use a light that honors the maps model the face properly including AOs. Unlightining maybe possible as it’s essentially a negative light.

I’ll try to find a few links to the tutorials.

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Like two months ago I had to remove some light on a lady’s face and it was done with Flame’s image node using the ML normals pass

I was just in a position where I had to regretfully explain to a client that I was unable to significantly relight 2 humans walking through bright sunshine without spending major time and energy, and they perhaps wouldn’t like the results.

Someone made a remark about a film, utilizing a certain technique, and I explained that they won an Academy Award for it.

Sesame Street Idk GIF


Those people that want Oscar level results on Instagram budgets…

Jeff Goldblum What GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

Oh wait, this is a great business strategy. Don’t use your own money, leverage the VC funding of big data centers in the AZ desert to do this. Bingo! I knew AI was brilliant.

Done this in the past to a certain extent by patching in footage that was not over exposed.

And a lot of paint.

Time consuming.

The Beeble thing looks like it might need some 3d modelling to get the normals…?

Saw a demo of something using ai last night to do face replacements. I wonder if it could be leveraged to cut and paste in under exposed footage? However, you still need good tracking and as we all know, light changes are the bane of trackers.