🔥 Help us celebrate Logik Live Episode #50! 🔥

Hey Logik Lovelies,

This Sunday marks the 50th episode of Logik Live. In order to celebrate, it’d be really rad if we could get 50 people to join us this Sunday at 2pm Eastern for Logik Live Ep 50. @andymilkis is sorting out details and links now and we’ll have a registration link shortly. It’d be so amazing to see you this Sunday. It’d be a great way for us to ring in the big 5-0 with Fifty of our Favorite FlamistsTM. Right @Kirk?

Also, please tell a friend. Or 40 friends. I mean 50.

:fire: :fire:


No flame artist has 50 friends, but more importantly no one who calls people flamists will ever have 40 friends.


prove it

If we have 50 guests on logik live this Sunday I’ll change my forum title to Flamist as well as on my website and LinkedIn for a week.

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F! Lamest.



I love it.

Lame Artist.


That’ll do.

Howdy Friends! I just want to echo @randy’s request to try and get 50 people to tune in to Sunday’s live show in honor of the 50th episode. I had a great runthru with @AndyBrown and it’s going to be a fabulous chance to share knowledge. What’s really needed is a vibrant crowd in the YouTube chat!

Here’s a link to register for prizes and to get the YouTube link for the show. Gonna try to go live to YouTube instead of Zoom: http://www.logik.tv/todays-show


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Thanks for a great show today!

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Thanks man!

@randy F’ lamest

Come on! We had more than 50 watching the 50th.



  1. forum title updated!

  2. website updated! https://www.thedepartmentofexternalservices.com

  3. linked in updated!!


excellent show!

learned some really neat little tricks for avoiding things that bugged me but i didn’t realise were bugging me.

Image seq button is annoying. I recall a flat view button in old flame that used to toggle sequence view on and off. Be nice to have that back.

And delete keyframes except the one you’re on @AndyBrown try alt clicking the value fields.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go, John.
(Slightly complicated by my remote setup that gives a flaky response with Alt key modifiers, but here’s hoping we don’t work from home for ever…)

If you’re using a terradici, try bridging the keyboard. It fixes a lot of problems with the alt and spacebar keys.

Alt-c (flame keys), close gmask, for the win.

Was a fantastic half century show and watched it live. Great job y’all, but particularly Andy who was, as always, the hostiest host. Get practicing for your 100. Nice one!


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Congrats @randy & @andymilkis - you have a lot to proud of here. Great content, a wonderful, helpful community of passionate creative people. This is just the beginning! cheers!


Thanks Brother!

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