Helpful Videos on Color

Here are a couple of videos about color that I enjoy and find very informative:

Captain Disillusion: Color
This whole channel is great VFX reference.

Minute Physics: Computer Color is Broken
This one is great for learning more physics, if you’re into physics, cos physics’s cool.


Thanks Andy,

Good suggestions. I really like that one that you did


These are FANTASTIC!

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UHD TV - From Lens to Lounge Room

I thought this was an interesting video covers a lot of things: Pointer’s gamut, the Plank curve, a good description of OETF-OOTF, HDR etc

Interesting perspective on HDR & film prints / projection

Colorist Peter Doyle 1 - HDR, vintage workflows, post etiquette - thefilmbook

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Love minute physics!

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Amazing topic!