How do you feel about the economy right now?

It feels like there is an unbelievable amount of work right now. How are things in your neck of the woods? With the U.S. stock market sinking a decent amount and fears of a recession looming, have you changed your behavior? Will you? Do you care? Do you measure anything? Track anything? Sock away a bunch of cash for a rainy day?

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Dont want to sound gloomy but there is a storm coming. Europe is in big trouble and this could be far worse than the 2008/2009 collapse. UK inflation is predicted to hit 10% before the year is out. That is actually insane. energy prices are going through the roof, food is out of control.

The next 5 years will be extremely tough over here

In my happy little bubble of naïveté, I am bullish on things economically. Things are more expensive, but at least in our little niche, so have rates. There is more content than ever (though that bubble will pop). The content on the whole is better than much before. As shown by Netflix’s and others moves, there will always be commercials. We’re fortunate to be able to do something we love, with the added benefit of selling people things they can’t afford and don’t need.

Top line: feeling pretty ok


What’s an economy?

Social construct, brah. It doesn’t actually exist. It’s only on agreement that we make it an entity

Of course everything could change, like this morning. There is a potential world war.
So my cushy little place of comfort - I don’t take it for granted.

here things are just starting up “post covid” so well see about all of this, there is lots of crazy moves going down now with people beign purged by companies all trying to scramble to meet demand, its pretty crazy.

Big picture, I have no idea, Ive just went and covered all my bases with real estate and crypto and other stuff, can you really be sure? I dont know my mantra is , ill just keep learning and improving thats really all I can do at this point.

But then I also live in a rich socialist country so :man_shrugging: I am not too worried about the whole thing personally, the war thing is much much much more worrying than financials.


I’m socking away what I can, but ATM I feel like TV is pretty safe. But I’ve made a lot of mistakes in predicting the future. I assume I’m making one now. Still heavily invested in the S&P 500.

Flamers deliver games, which come second after bread in the Roman empire. So, there’s always work. The giant tsunamis like the death of super expensive, resolution-depending, proprietary hardware are history; postproduction is regular IT now, and working from home is an option. I’d think the sector is pretty flexible and well prepared for the subsequent tsunami, which will be AI. How that will pan out, I don’t know.

Other than that, the big two crises, climate and biodiversity breakdown, are only in their beginning. The same applies to migration, which will only intensify. The Russin war on Ukrain is a disguised war on energy, which is already arriving in the US with hiking energy prices. They will only go down when the transition to renewables is accomplished. But for that, society has to win the war against the fossil fuel industry—quite an uphill battle.

Ok. Economical and environmentally, the outlook is bleak. But on the upside, values like friendship, tolerance and the will to compromise are more important than ever. I’d say a good economic climate for the Logik forum :wink:

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Here in the UK, we are fucked!!
Brexit coupled with a clown for a prime minister, leading a government of muppets.


don’t forget the ineffective buffoons supposed to be in opposition!
and a large portion of the populace being shafted by the government, whilst bending over and pleading for more. But its all fine as we came second in Eurovision, so things must be looking up.

My personal believe here is - NHS is the next black hole in the UK. It costs billions every year without progressing into a modern process landscape. This is very disappointing, because the people working for NHS do their personally best around us here. But waiting times for appointments are ridiculous and a lot of people can’t effort private treatments. Thanks to the management and the government.

It might need fixing, but at least it can’t bankrupt you like it can over here!

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But you have Wagatha Christie. Stop worrying.

after all the hoopla about Netflix losing subscribers i saw they were entertaining a “freemium” model with limited commercials. I guess ye ole proverb about ad spend going up as the economy goes down is somewhat true!

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Amen. It was interesting to watch how many Swedes I know flee the states during the pandemic when the costs of healthcare and the realities of no real social safety net became readily apparent.

Swedish Sjukvårdsystemmet or the UK’s NHS may have flaws and massive challenges but changing the American approach will likely never happen. We Americans love to monetize everything—especially our pain and suffering.

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always amazes me when watching the vox populi on the news reports in the states discussing healthcare, and how so many seem terrified by the prospect of affordable healthcare. Why so many feel its unamerican to have tax dollars fund a system that would help all society, even at a basic level. its bewildering, and yes the NHS is deeply flawed, but something for all is better than nothing at all. isn’t it?


Thats because vast amounts of the NHS is already prtivatised. Basically these companies get in then hike up their prices so alot of our money goes there. They are literally eating it from the inside out, its an old trick but its working a treat with the NHS. Not to mention they sold off alot of the buildings, starting when Labour were in power.

The death of the NHS has been slowly going on for the best part of 40 years now. The tories are finishing the job.

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