Is it getting slower with the jobs?

Hello hive!

Does it seem to you that the busiest time of the year doesn’t seem buzzing? What’s your opinion?

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Here it is at the moment like:



Totally agree. I think post-production has always been a canary in the coalmine whenever the economy is slowing down. Specifically, advertising. With news of ad revenue being down at places like Google, we are definitely feeling that.

Negativity drills into my head – the insecurity that things will never come back. Competitors get more competitive, snatching clients away. Clients move into new roles. The deck gets shuffled.

The good news is there is time to update your reel. Take people to lunch and catch up. Hone in your skills. Keeping good perspective is really tough, but there is almost always a way up. I wouldn’t have gone into business for myself if the economy hadn’t crashed in 2009. Sometimes bad situations require a little creativity.

Or maybe it’s never coming back and the AI bots are about to replace us?
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Definitely - stay positive is the way to go!

By far the slowest year I have ever had. I keep hoping for a turn, but post like this concern me.

I hear you. Stay positive :slight_smile: It reminds me about the stock market - it’ll bounce back when we least expecting it.