How do you like to roll off super bright whites to rec709?

What’s your preferred method to roll off whites to rec709? I have linear footage with whites 10+ on a 0-1 scale. Do you LUT that down or use color correction tools?

I use ACES


Yeah. Same. Aces or Arri viewing lut.

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I used to struggle with using the curves inside of the colour corrector.

It was so painful. I am so grateful of the new curves inside of the MasterGrade matchbox.

Then I discovered PhotomapLC and then ACES and their tone mapping makes life so much easier.

Work on sceneLinear under one of these viewing LUTs and your highlights always look beautifully rolled off. Use the ColourMgt node set to ViewTransform and convert the footage from sceneLinear to rec.709


On a bit of a geek side note:

If you are dealing with linear footage with values within 0-1

You have display referred linear and all you need to do is apply a gamma curve.

If you are dealing with linear footage with values beyond 0-1

You have scene referred linear and tone mapping, plus a gamma curve will be required.


If you get a chance, check out @toodee 's excellent blog page:

Display Referred vs. Scene Referred