Simple Linear to rec.709 .cube LUT please

I have no idea why I can’t find this but I just want a simple .cube LUT for Syntheyes.

Need to go from sceneLinear(rec709 gamut) to Rec.709 video.

Syntheyes seems to be fussy about my .ctl files so it needs to be .cube

Does anyone have a spare one just lying around?

Do you have Resolve installed anywhere? I see a “Linear to Rec.709.cube” file in their LUT dir that may or may not be what you need/want. On Windows it’s in C:\ProgramData\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\LUT\VFX IO\, on Mac I have no idea.

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There are a few problems with that request, cube luts have issues with values above 1 so you usually need to go to log before you apply a lut.

The second is that the 709 you get from linear always needs some interpretation, there is the basic approach of just clipping stuff above 1 (ugly) or a tonemapped approach.

You can however use ociobakelut or resolve to generate stuff that might work, usually cubes wont work though. but do give it a try, make some nodes in resolve using aces transforms and colorspace nodes and export a lut.
the luts that ship with resolve seem to be non standard cube luts so they will
probably not work.

For tracking (I use 3De) I usually use acesCC (log), or even just rec709 stuff is more than fine.

there are also
a bunch :slight_smile:

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Render a jpeg sequence with baked in 709 and use that in synth eyes?


So I have exported LogC, rec709 jpegs and linearEXRs

For some reason the 3D boys were using the linearEXRs and were commenting how dark they were.

We really need to have a colour Mangement chat. I said that is just what native linear looks like. Doesn’t syntheyes have a viewing LUT?

So we dug around and found that it would take a .cube and here we are.

Thanks everyone. Educational as always.

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+1 on the color mgmt chat. In my experience, rec709 jpegs are a favorite of tracking bods. I think mostly because you don’t need a lut and the jpegs are very lightweight compared to exrs.

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