How to fake a teams call

Microsoft are throwing their resources into this technology now.


In the present case, the stress-and-vanity-compensations’ own evolution saw video-callers rejecting first their own faces and then even their own heavily masked and enhanced physical likenesses and finally covering the video-cameras altogether and transmitting attractively stylized static Tableaux to one another’s TPs.

  • Infinite Jest, Page 150. Pub 1996

the whole section on video calling (pages 144 to 151) is great and in my opinion where the book really starts to cook.


I’m struggling to think of an actual good use for this in the real world (outside of the niche use for us of face replacement). But I’m not struggling whatsoever to think of all the incredibly awful things this could allow people to do with just one picture from a social media account.

I was reading an interview with an expert on misinformation and AI, he began saying something along the lines of “just never trust anything you see on the internet” and to me, that’s just a devastating ruination of what could have been such a wonderful tool. From the greatest oracular encyclopedia you could ever ask for to a porno and giggles box. Nearly worthless.