I mean c’mon

This is like my kid giving up putting his pajamas on half way because he stuck his arm out the neck hole.

It’s a black dot on a silver “device” what else do you want flame??


Edge detect and then give it a go? I like to set it to mono, and only touch the width and gamma, no gain adjustment.

if its 16 bit theres a bunch more data there that will throw off your tracker. make sure its 10 bit.


classic 1 point track on a rec 709 image should work fine

Any reason not to use 12 bit?

Everyone knows that extra two bits is reserved for shaves and a haircut.


I try to keep my 2 bits covered.

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Error looks like planar track, a point track should do the magic.
The contrast def. is great so the colorspace shouldn’t be a problem

Yeah, sorry I wasn’t really looking for help, just complaining. I switched to just doing point tracks and it’s fine, even with leaving it in Arriland.

I was just like, you can’t do a single frame? Just straight to the error message?


Ok. That comeback gets you a Logik T-shirt :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: I’ll email you…


Hahaha! Oh man Andy! It’s the small joys in life that keep us goin!!!

I do this all the time with Autostabilize when it doesn’t even analyze a frame before it says aborting. I’ve said aloud many times “Aw man, you’re not even gonna try? You’re just gonna give up before you even started because of a little motion blur? I’m not mad at you… I’m just disappointed by your choices.”


I see this both in autostabilize and gmask sometimes. I think it’s doing more than it looks like when it aborts without moving a frame. ie. Frame 1 is complete only when it has previewed frame 2, etc. Meaning it’s analyzing one frame ahead of where the positioner is currently.

So when it looks like it quit without trying, it actually tried — just a little.

I’d ask for a “just try” button, but we’ve all seen what happens when the tracker is overconfident.


Mayhem. Still better than autokey always on though, which as we know, is unbridled Anarchy.


However @andy_dill got his assistant to the regional renderdome champion, I would like to request my tag be changed to “Autokey Always-on Agent of Anarchy”



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Hahah. Sorry!!! I’ve clearly become long on solutions and short on compassion!!!

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Still waiting for the “just do it!” button.

You don’t have this? On my keyboard it’s next to the “split the difference” button.