Tips for Strangely Uncooperative Trackers?

I’m tracking something and the tracker does a great job for 75% of the shot, then for no reason that I can tell–the shot is slow moving and changes little) the tracker JUMPS to a new point and continues tracking. I’ve got auto-update on, so it should be even less apt to decide to jump to a random area. It’s not even that the new area is more trackable or looks more like the old area.

If I turn off auto-update and set a new reference on every frame it manages to grab the following frame before jumping off the rails, but ONLY the following frame, leading to a “snap-step-snap-step”.

I know I can edit the curves once i get the tracked axis back, but why the heck is this happening and does anyone know how to avoid it? It’s so strange and it happens somewhat often to me.

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Is it 16 bit by chance?

YOU KNOW IT! (also Scene Linear w/ sRGB priamries*)

*don’t judge me for the sRGB primaries. It wasn’t my call.

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Well then, that may be the problem. The Stabilizer seems to really really dislike 16bit. Clamp it or make it Rec 709 temporarily to track. It makes sense, I think, when you think about it. A fiver says if you hover over the area that you are tracking its got schtuff above 1 and is cramping the Stabilizer’s 1990’s Style.


If this works I’m gonna be both grateful for you reminding me of this fact today and pissed that I forgot it in the span of 48 hours because I was doing EXCATLY THAT on THURSDAY. Haha.


Survey says?!?!?!?!?!?!

You win. I am a goldfish. Thank you Randy.



Thank you for this! I always wondered what was going on!



That tracker problem has had me convinced i was the problem for ages.
Now i can tell it who’s boss.

thanks for the tip[!


Resurrected! Love that. Every time this happens a Flame Artist finds her Wacom pen button.

It would just be so much better if the node could read the color space and behave correctly.

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Stabilize, Paint and Text are the last bastards.

color nodes as well, I am talking about automatically reading it not a manual toggle.

The original developer of the tracker code is the subject of some of the best discreet rumors. No idea if they’re true, but my two favorites:

  1. no comments in the code, so nobody really knew how it worked.

  2. went on to invest in/start Stereo, Montreal’s loudest after hours nightclub, and a place I have definitely embarrassed myself on many occasions.


Ha! I wonder if Stereo was setup panned left and right or dual mono.

This is like how the ol’ Top Gear host used to introduce The Stig.

“Some say…”

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There’s definitely a bug with scene linear mode in the tracker which I submitted years ago - repro steps are very simple: stop the track at any point, hit snap, start it again and it flops around all over the place on the most simple footage possible:

Was still broken last year but I haven’t checked recently - everyone get in touch with support and report it :japanese_goblin: The bug is: SMOK-49835 Tracking with Scene Linear Incorrect if interrupted or snapped