I was today years old when I learned…

I totally forgot about it, just came across it on a bigger setup i’m reworking from last year:

The viewsettings in batch have an diabled Navigator that can be enabled. Much faster to get around in big setups.

Here’s one that I remember and then forget to use and then remember again all the time.

Let’s say you have a 1000fr shot but the work your doing is only fr243- fr455 and you want to do a prerender. A comp node animating transparency from plate to comp to plate will save you exactly no render time. BUT using a mux node with two inputs with key framed input selection between plate and then comp and then back to plate will save you loaaads of render time, with no need to splice clips together in a timeline or slip around in batch. The plate will render basically real time, then the comp will render how it’s gonna render, then back to the plate rendering in real time, all in one neat and tidy clip.


Yup, use this all the time. Batch and Action aren’t optimized to know when to render and not. Except Action does slightly improve speed if you lock your media layers if they’re not animating sources.


I mentally refer to this a Mux_SWITCH. When used properly it can trim a six-minute render down to 40 seconds.

As a sanity check for connected conforms I colour all the segments in the main/longest edit to one colour then click through the other edits to make sure they’re all linked. Then at least I know any segments that dont have the matching colour are unique to the edit or didnt get linked properly


or a vuvuzela like at a football game in UK

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I think the vuvuzela is unique to South Africa!


Nice. As an adjunct: I absolutely hate that input 1 is labelled as selection 0 and so on. This is not user friendly.


This drives me nuts too.

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I was today years old when I learned that there’s a “data window” option on import for OpenEXRs (namely for undistort maps), that will magically expand to a correct undistorted(larger) pixel resolution.

Especially when given STMaps “nuke” style.


That was the best World Cup by miles. I don’t even remember any games, but I loved the drone of those plastic horns.


While I’m here, I recently learned about “link special” where you can copy a variable and paste it into another one AND add a basic function all in one go.

Very handy for the expression fans among us.


NB this only references the first frame of the render. It can and has happened to me that the data window size changes throughout a render. in that situation I got the render done again without stuff disappearing into the bounding box. Took a little while to figure out.

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Love it! Thanks!

Oh I so, so I agree, johnt!

A MUX’s input numbering needs to start at 1 – this current “input 0” behavior needs to go.

We tried to change the MUX input numbering some years ago but it was requiring A LOT more work than expected just to make sure old setups would load correctly. This is the problem we have with things like these; we would gladly spend a few days to change them, but spending weeks just on this is not something we consider a good investment of our time.

I feel like this one concern holds back a ton of development and I don’t like the idea of the software being kneecapped by people who make their money reloading the same setups year after year.

As much as everyone loves to gripe about the anniversary edition, it was also the best change the software has ever seen, and if changing the Mux to make everyone happy today is going to force someone to re-wire or (gasp) rebuild their setup from two years ago, that is an acceptable cost.


I could not agree with this sentiment more.