I was today years old when I learned…

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Drinking my morning coffee and thought I might start a thread - something I have been thinking about recently: I thought it might be interesting to mention some of the small things that I learned over the past few months that I did not know and may have never learned if it were not for this group. And, maybe others can add some of this type of stuff to this thread so we can all add to our arsenal of Autodesk amazingness. Obviously there are tons of HUGE things that we have and probably are still learning, but here is a short list of some of the smaller things. Here are a few to get started.

  1. A “gmask tracer” node can have multiple outputs!

  2. Using the drag and/or smear brush in paint to take red lines out of eyeballs! (Andy’s Beauty video.)

  3. The freaking object obliterator - LOVE IT! OMG! Using it with different types of blur can make serious magic - try directional blur and offset for example. HUGE.

  4. The RunwayML Green screen tool. When it works, it seriously rocks.

  5. One I came across on my own - adding and elbow to a node that you wish you had added earlier because now it is feeding twenty other nodes and you need to slip a node in between it and the rest, simply drag an elbow out from the “output” and bam, there is an elbow between the node and all the nodes it feeds - massive for me.

What simple things did you learn or perhaps would like to share?




Connected conform workflows with Jeff Kyle have been a great help. Too many others to count, but I use the CC workflow to save me from endless social versioning.


This is a great little find. I was having to do the hotkey combo and add a mux after the clip, then add an elbow before the mux, then delete the mux. This is very helpful. Thanks.


Use the Wacom eraser in Paint as an…umm…eraser.


This is the year 2022, right Randy? Welcome!!

And this is why I keep coming back. Nuggets like this :point_up_2:

Well today I learned, well this elbow trick, obviously, but also:

Session History in the Media Hub! Never saw it there before!


Alright here’s one I felt dumb when I realized but it’s so satisfying to use, and it’s probably like “duh” for everyone here- but I didn’t really realize the point of the matte input in paint, until I realized I could plug my plate into paint, and then I could plug in my key or roto into the matte input, and just paint my flyaways, blowing blades of grass, motion blurred edge, etc and then that would all carry through the matte output of the paint. No need to disconnect the paint and use the matte as the main input, just done all very neatly in the pipeline.


Hey bozo, this is a safe place.

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There are a lot of things. The below are only the first three that come to mind.

Warping UVs is very satisfying.

The archiving and path translation game changer

Lens distortion solved finally shut up the cg dept


Talking of geeking: I just discovered if you render a segment on the timeline then with linking you only need to render it once! That’s today I found that out. I’d always used 10bit timelines with BLGs atop. But put everything into the segment, render and bam: all versions rendered. Time saver.

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How are you doing this?

If i try - all that happens is another noodle drags out. Tried with various modifier keys but i can’t see how to drag out an elbow.

You can also just click at the node’s output and it will create an elbow (in add elbow mode (add points in batch / Space + A smoke)), too.

Btw going with elbows, there is also the posibillity to add an elbow in an action’s extracted input.


ahhhh!!! i was trying it just holding A - didn’t realise the cursor needs to be set to add points

thank you Bernd & Ralph

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Used this today. My god! No more mux nodes eating my clips like Pac-Man!!!


Now if we could set elbows as contexts, we wouldn’t have to have these big fat muxes everywhere that don’t actually do anything…


I think you can.

Haven’t been able to.

Ah you’re right. You can select it but it actually defaults to the last thing upstream.


It was a while ago now, but the little blue dot, top right of all icons takes you to the animation curves for that node. Really useful when you have a mega batch.