Image Node Comp Pipeline

Had a chance to try using the comp mode in the Image Pipeline. Worked great for skin tones. Problem I’m having is that if I do a soft edge on the mask I’m using, I get a gray area that matches the softness of the matte. Can’t seem to find a way to get rid of it.

Maybe something in the mask tools can help here like the softness/gradient curve

It’s something in the comp I think in Image. It doesn’t take kindly to soft edges.

is it a grey area because it’s using the ungraded image. What happends if you switch to serial or parallel

Sounds like the gmask doesn’t have an exclusive link and is effecting other operations.

It could be affecting other operations but the gmasks are exclusive to the selective

Unfortunately I need to use it as a comp node. I’m doing a color replacement, works really well for skintones. Parallel and serial can’t do this.