GMask (and other nodes) - not working working correctly - anyone else having problems?

Been having a heap of problems yesterday and this morning working in Batch to clean up a bunch of crappy logos in prep for a project.

I updated to Flame 2024.1 a week or so ago, and haven’t done much with it since, so this might have been caused by that.

Gmasks are hit and miss - i can see the input and i can draw masks, but whether it gets output or not is a lottery. Matte view shows nothing, other nodes down the line don’t see the output either.

Action is doing the same - i can look at the node and see the comp, but nothing gets piped out. Make it a context and its all visible, yet add a write node or render node or anything elses, its blank.

I have noticed the Terminal is showing a huge list of the same error message:

[mvk-error] VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT: vkCmdCopyImage(): Cannot copy between incompatible formats, such as formats of different pixel sizes, or between images with different sample counts.

Not one i have seen before.

Also was having a world of problems with Paint yesterday, starting to think my install is screwed up.

I have tried creating New User and made no difference.

Anyone else having these issues?
Think its time for a tech support call

edit: another reboot and it seems to have improved! ffs!

Never heard about something like this. Please open a Support ticket so the team can investigate.

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